This project was as much fun to work on as it was to drink! The client wanted to create a  personal family crest image of a hand and a heart that he could use on his wine label. He wanted a classic yet timeless feel to the design. The heart represents his love and passion for the lifestyle of a vintner and the hand represents the craft in the making of the wine in the French style ("Man" French = Hand and "Coeur" = Heart.) I created the illustration by carving a linoleum block and making a relief print. Then I digitized it for the graphics and printing files. 
Did you know that a wine label has to go through the US Government to be approved? This label was first turned down by the Feds because they said the heart image promoted wine as a "health benefit."  "Take the heart out and it will be approved," they said. Ouch. My client didn't want to change a thing so he reapplied again hoping it would cross the desk of a different gov. worker bee who would approve it, and it did! 
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